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Why You Should Never Ignore A Broken Lock



Most people know that if they ignore a broken lock, it’ll only get worse. But did you know that the same is true for your business? Whether you’re a small business or a homeowner, ignoring any kind of problem will only make things worse. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the reasons why you should never ignore a broken lock – or any other problem, for that matter. Keep reading to learn more!


What To Do When You Notice a Broken Lock?


The upkeep of your locks is an important component of every home. Addressing any door and lock issues right away can help save you from more expensive repairs down the line, so before assuming that they’re broken, take time to consider other potential culprits like missing panels or worn-out mechanisms.


The most important thing to remember about lock repairs is that you should always call a professional if your locks are not working properly or have been broken into. Lacking the right tools can be frustrating, but it’s much worse when they fail after one try.


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How To Fix a Broken Lock


Tampered Lock or Break-In


When your locks are damaged in a break-in, it’s important to take the time and make sure everything is secure before moving forward. If you find that there has been manipulation of any kind on their part (such as forcing) then these issues could be much more severe than what was originally thought.


After a break-in, it’s important to get professional advice on what steps can be taken. A locksmith will assess your current security and give you recommendations for better quality or new lock models that are more secure,  ensuring not just physical safety, but also emotional peace of mind!

Frozen Door Lock


The cold winter weather is the perfect time to fix any frozen locks on your doors and windows. You can usually resolve this yourself, but if you need help, then we recommend these three tactics!


  1. To get the key to turning, try warming it in a pot of hot water or placing it on your car’s radiator. Then put gloves on and insert heated keys into the locking slot as if turning clockwise until they slip inside – don’t forget that you may have to repeat this process!
  2. Blast the lock with your trusty hairdryer and you will have free access to let out that Frozen door! It’s as simple as plugging in an extension cord.
  3. The best way to get rid of ice on your locks is by using an aerosol de-icer. This should melt any that may be covering the lock and allow you access once again!

The Advantages of Fixing a Broken Lock


Saves You in an Emergency Situation


Homeowners should consider getting their broken lock repaired because it can help deter burglars from intrusion. Burglaries are crimes that happen at any time, which means the victim has limited opportunity for defense; this could mean life or death if there’s no response from law enforcement quickly enough.


Keeps Your Home Safe and Secure


Locks can protect your family, house, and belongings from intruders. To ensure that they provide reliable safety in your home, choose locks that are strong with well-built quality construction to last for years of use. In that way, you would never have any problems about their functionality when it matters most.


Deter Burglars


Many people do not think about their door locks until they have been broken or stuck due to wear and tear. A quick fix can be all it takes for you, but if that isn’t done on time then the property may become victimized by theft – so making sure these small problems get fixed before things go from bad to worse is vital.


Locksmiths can determine if your locks are working properly and give you a quote on repairs or replacement, depending on what’s needed. A broken lock affects your home’s security and makes it easier for thieves to enter.


Reduce the Chance of Further Damage


The easiest way to identify that your door lock is broken is if it no longer operates by its designated key. This can be an indication of a problem with either the machine itself or perhaps just dirty batteries in both cases, but when one cannot open up their own home without using another set key, then there’s definitely something wrong.


There are many things that can go wrong with your door locks, and one of them is when you figure out that they’re broken. In order to diagnose the issue efficiently (and avoid any more damage), it would be best if a professional locksmith come by for an on-the-spot repair.


Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe and Secure


Lock your Windows


Windows are a common entry point for criminals, but don’t let them get past you with these easy solutions! Make sure your locks match the quality of whatever is on display at night; if not – upgrade. After all, this isn’t just about keeping pesky intruders out while sleeping soundly in your bed—it’s also an important safety measure so that nothing can happen when someone comes by unexpectedly, such as elderly neighbors or children.


The best way to make your home safe from crime is by installing security measures like reinforced glass, break sensors, and window bars. You can also plant bushes under windows that have low-hanging branches for an additional layer of protection against burglars.


4 Sets Sliding Window Locks



Install Security Cameras


Home security cameras are a great way to keep an eye on your home, and they can even help you get justice if it’s been broken into. You’ll want one with mobile app functionality so that its footage captured won’t go unnoticed. It helps to know how these things hack into others’ property without permission; install anti-malware software on devices hackers might target first (like computers).

Set Up a Security System


Home security is an important part of living in a safe neighborhood. There are plenty of home systems out there for every budget and level of protection you need, but it’s crucial that before making this decision-making process easy on yourself, take into account what risks might be present around your house or area where the system will soon go up so as to not get caught off guard if something does happen!


3K Security Cameras Outdoor



Secure your Doors


Replace your house keys with new ones after each move. This will help protect you from strangers trying to break into the home by using their old key, and it also ensures that no other person has access codes for entering through exterior doors without permission or knowledge of where they’re going.

Keep your Land Lit


Vandals and burglars don’t like being in the spotlight. Place outdoor lighting around your home, on pathways, and in garages to deter intruders who want to steal. Motion-activated lights, solar power, and smart outlets are the best ways to make your outdoor security even more effective. With these tips, you can save energy while ensuring that it is always light outside!


A broken lock can be a major inconvenience, but it’s important not to ignore the problem. By fixing a broken lock, you can avoid an emergency, keep your home safe, and deter burglars. Expert Locksmith Services LLC can fix broken locks. We offer a wide range of locksmith services that will have your home back up and running in no time. Don’t wait until it’s too late – call us today!


Need a locksmith? We can help!


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