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Why People Love Living in Tampa, FL

Thinking of relocating to Tampa? If so, you’ll be happy to know that this Florida city offers plenty of reasons why people love living here. From its easy access to the beach and nautical lifestyle to its burgeoning business and entertainment districts, everything about Tampa is warm and welcoming. It isn’t known as one of the greatest places to live in the Southeast for no reason. So if you’re thinking about moving to Tampa, here are 9 facts about what it’s like to live here and why people love it!

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9 Reasons Why People Love Living in Tampa

Tampa has no state income tax

Perhaps you live in Tampa, and are paying lower rent than you would if you were living somewhere else. Or perhaps you’re visiting from somewhere else, and have discovered that life here is refreshingly cheaper. Either way, there are several reasons why Tampa’s great for cash-strapped folks. 


Many people love living in Tampa for the lower cost of living. The apartments are cheap, and so is everything else. This is one of the reasons why Tampa is a great place for young professionals and singles to live. In addition to having a lower cost of living, people love the no-income tax and low property tax in Florida. And when you combine that with the low rent, it makes Tampa a great place to live overall. If you’re looking for a place to retire, then Tampa might be just what you’re looking for too. With Florida’s low estate tax, you can keep more of the money you’ve worked hard for while enjoying everything Tampa has to offer. 

Tampa Bay Apartments

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Plenty of transportation in the city

Tampa is a city with many modes of transportation. Whether you’re traveling around the city, or to and from it, there are plenty of options to get you where you need to go. One of the most popular ways to get around Tampa is by car. The roads are generally easy to navigate, although rush hour can be a little chaotic at times. Tampa has a number of interstate highways that connect throughout the city and beyond, including I-275, which runs right through downtown Tampa. There are also nearly two dozen commercial airlines that serve Tampa travelers at Tampa International Airport (TPA), which is only about ten miles away from the heart of downtown.


If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly way to get around Tampa, or just prefer not to drive yourself, then mass transit might be for you. The city bus system works well for intra-city travel and getting across town as long as your destination is on one of its routes. You can also check out the TECO Line Streetcar in Ybor City, which extends from the Channelside District all the way up to downtown Tampa’s Marion Transit Center. If walking or biking is more your style, then maybe consider a scenic stroll along one of the area’s many walkways.

Tampa International Airport

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The tropical outdoor fun

Tampa, FL is a great place to live, but it’s also a fantastic place to visit if you’re looking for ways to enjoy the great outdoors. For those who love nature, there are plenty of options for enjoying the natural Florida landscape. Tampa Water Bike Co. rents single and tandem water bikes for many different types of adventures. You can explore Downtown Tampa from a unique angle by renting a bike with your family or friends and pedaling the mile-long trail along the river. 


If you’d like to spend more time in nature, Hillsborough River State Park has 240 acres with water activities such as fishing, canoeing and kayaking, camping, hiking trails, and more! Ben T Davis Beach is one of the best beaches in Tampa — it’s on a causeway between Tampa and Clearwater that’s perfect if you’re looking to tan or swim in the Gulf of Mexico.

Hillsborough River State Park

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Beautiful beaches all around!

Florida’s ideal location along the East Coast provides a variety of excellent beaches. Tampa is home to some of the most popular beaches in the country, and because of the fantastic weather, you can visit them practically any time of year!


Clearwater Beach, Fort De Soto Park, and Davis Island Beach are just a few of the fantastic beaches available here. There are lots more to see besides these three, and the lovely white sand and ocean views make these beaches a sight to behold. There are generally several great restaurants and businesses around as well.

Clearwater Beach

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World-class healthcare

Tampa Bay has all the healthcare you might need, for any kind of ailment, from cold to even cancer. You’ll find specialists ranging from dermatologists to gynecologists to cardiologists. The Tampa Bay area is home to more than 350 healthcare providers, with options ranging from Minute Clinics, walk-in clinics, and urgent care centers to primary and specialty care outpatient centers. The facilities in the metro area vary in size, focus, location, and offerings, but all are ready for your healthcare needs. 

Tampa, FL Hospitals

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The Job market is booming

Tampa is a city on the rise. In the last couple of years, its skyline has been reshaped with gleaming skyscrapers as construction projects continue to move forward. And new businesses are moving in, too. The transformation of Tampa’s business sector can be attributed to the boom of tech innovation in the area. 


A new startup is sprouting up every other day and many established companies have moved their headquarters here to be part of what’s going on. With the arrival of these new companies, there’s also been a recent influx of young people looking for jobs in Tampa Bay. If you’re one of them and you’re looking for ways to get a leg up on your competition, it might be time to consider Tampa as your next home base. 

Tampa Bay Businesses

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Diversified people and culture

Tampa is a great place to live, especially for those who are looking for diversity. Although the city doesn’t have the same international flare as cities like New York or Los Angeles, it still boasts a diverse population with a large number of residents who are of Hispanic or Latino heritage and Black or African American. An even split between males and females helps keep the gender ratio balanced. And with a median age of 35.6, Tampa is a youthful city that offers plenty of opportunities to work with young people.

Tampa Bay Festival

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A welcoming city

The city of Tampa is known as a great place to live. It’s home to a diverse and welcoming population, and it’s also known for its hospitable and tolerant people. Diversity is what makes the city unique and interesting. It’s one of the most tolerant cities in America, but it’s also the place where everyone can find their place regardless of skin color, religion, or sexual orientation. The atmosphere in Tampa is very open and friendly, which makes this place so attractive to tourists.


As you walk on the streets of Tampa, you’ll notice that it feels very comfortable. You’ll see representatives of all sorts of cultures everywhere — this diversity is what makes the city so rich with opportunities for entertainment and recreation. There are countless places like museums and art galleries that showcase works created by local artists from different parts of the world, restaurants with international cuisines, or even nightclubs that attract people from all over the state.

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A variety of neighborhoods for everyone

If you’re looking for a new home and don’t want to be tied down to one area of town, Tampa is definitely the place for you! There are numerous neighborhoods within the city limits and its surrounding suburbs.  Some are perfect for families with young kids while others are geared toward retirees looking to play golf every day. Whatever your lifestyle and wherever you want to live in the city or suburbs, be sure to check out the best options available in Tampa! No matter where you are living, you can be sure to take advantage of all that Tampa has to offer.

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Tampa is a city on the rise with plenty to offer residents and visitors alike. From its beautiful beaches and world-class healthcare to its bustling job market and diverse culture, there’s something for everyone in Tampa. If you’re considering living in Tampa, FL, be sure to contact Expert Locksmith Services LLC for all of your locksmith needs – we’d be happy to help!

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