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When the keys to your car are lost, you need a professional locksmith to help you out. That's why Expert Locksmith Services LLC offers Key Fob Replacement in Tampa, FL. Our automotive locksmiths can help you with all of your car key needs and provide you with affordable pricing and quality customer service.


In his hour of need, our client lost no time in seeking 24/7 locksmith services. His search led him to us - an emergency locksmith service provider in Tampa, FL. When we reached the location and started working on replacing his Key Fob with a new one that was programmed to his car's reader device; he thanked us immensely for coming through so quickly!


Our company is proud to offer this type of service because it is one of our core values; providing quality service to everyone we work with. We are committed to giving each client 100% satisfaction with every job we do!

What Is a Key Fob and When Do You Need to Replace It

A key fob is proof of how far our technology has reached when it comes to keys and locks. With an RFID chip and an antenna, the key fob communicates with your car's reader device, accessing the locks and windows, starting the car, and more. It is a compact device, usually made from plastic, used today in remote keyless entry systems for our cars. Now when it comes to key fob replacement services, when would you need them? Here are some situations in that you may need a car locksmith to replace your key fob:


Delayed Locking and Unlocking - Your key fob makes unlocking and locking your car a snap. But you might experience a delay in the action when you push the button on the fob and when your car actually locks or unlocks. This could be due to a variety of issues with your key fob, so before you call an automotive locksmith, check the obvious first.


Frequent delays may mean that your car's remote is getting old and will need to be replaced. Key fobs use batteries to send out radio signals that unlock and lock cars electronically. As time goes by, these batteries lose their power, which results in fewer remote functions working as well as they used to. The delay may also be caused by a weak battery. If you put in new batteries but still experience delays, then it is probably time for a replacement.


Multiple Clicks Before Closing or Opening - When you need to press the unlock button on your key fob multiple times before it unlocks the car, there are a few things that could be wrong. Your battery is probably starting to die—that's what's causing your problems. It could very well be close to its expiration date—it's always best to replace a battery as soon as you notice it's having trouble doing what it should. But if that's not the problem, wear and tear on the key fob may just make it harder for it to do its job.


In many cars, you have a key fob that lets you lock and unlock it from a distance, and even start up the car without needing any keys at all. That kind of convenience comes with a trade-off: over time, dust and grime can build up in the key fob itself and make it harder for it to function right. That's why it's so important to have your car locksmith replace your key fobs when they're no longer working properly. They'll take care of the problem with expertise and efficiency like they always do.


Diminished Signal Range - If you've noticed that your key fob's range has diminished, then you should check the battery. The first thing to check is the fob itself. If the battery has been inserted incorrectly, it can cause a short circuit and decrease or even eliminate the signal. So make sure to check the battery if this is the case. If that's not it, then there are four other possibilities: old or loose wiring, programming issues, water damage, and broken contacts. 

Can You Still Lock Your Doors If Your Key Fob Is Not Working and Your Battery Is Dead?

I know it's a scary thought to think about, but what happens when you have a dead battery and your key fob will not lock the doors? Some people question whether they can still lock their doors manually, but there are plenty of ways to lock your car if you're worried about being stranded. If your key fob is dead, insert your regular car key into the lock on the driver's side of the door, and turn it towards the trunk to lock all the doors. If you'd like to unlock the doors, turn them towards the hood instead.


But what if this doesn't work? In that case, Ford models in particular should be able to use a similar method by looking for three holes in the side of each door. Once you've located them, insert the tip of your car key on the top hole and turn it to lock the doors. You have to do this manually for each door to keep your car safe. If you have a different model, try to look for your car manual and look for the car lock section.

Need A Key Fob Replacement? Choose Expert Locksmith Services LLC!

When you need a replacement car key fob, there are many locksmiths to choose from. We understand how important it is to find a reliable professional, who can replace your fob and get you back on the road as soon as possible. Expert Locksmith Services LLC is here to serve your locksmith needs in Tampa, FL.


Our technicians are certified, bonded, and insured. They have all of the qualifications needed to be a professional locksmith. Our team is available by phone 24/7 and will respond immediately to your call. We provide immediate service whenever possible. Don't let an unresponsive locksmith cause you to lose more time waiting for a response or for them to arrive at your location.


We have hundreds of replacement fobs in stock, so we can quickly get you back on the road. We offer affordable pricing without sacrificing quality. Call Expert Locksmith Services LLC for all of your automotive locksmith needs!


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