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Festivals in Tampa you don’t want to miss!

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting way to spend your free time, look no further than the festivals held in Tampa, FL! From food festivals to music festivals to art festivals, there’s definitely something for everyone! No matter your idea of fun, it’s likely you’ll find plenty of it at one of the many varied and interesting events that are held throughout the year. There’s sure to be a festival that’ll capture your attention. So pack your bags and head on over to Tampa – the fun is waiting for you!

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Experience the best, annual festivals in Tampa


Gasparilla Music Festival

Annual Festival


The Gasparilla Music Festival is a popular annual event where you may listen to over 40 performers, the majority of which are local acts. In addition to hearing the sounds of some of the Tampa area’s own, nationally recognized performers are frequently featured here.


When you attend this event, you can rest assured that all funds will be used to fund local kids’ music and art programs. In addition, children aged 12 and under are admitted free of charge.

Tampa Fl Gasparilla Music Festival

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Gasparilla Pirate Festival

Annual Festival


Since 1904, the Gasparilla Pirate Festival has featured a big parade and a variety of community events in Tampa, Florida. The Gasparilla Pirate Festival honors Jose Gaspar with a lively, pirate-themed celebration that includes parades, live entertainment, food, and music. In general, hundreds of people take part in the invasion parade, all dressed in pirate garb, and many bystanders do as well.


The event is appropriate for all ages because it does not depict the brutality of a historical pirate. After all, it’s still debatable whether Jose Gaspar existed at all.

Tampa Fl Gasparilla Pirate Festival

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Gasparilla Festival of the Arts

Annual Festival


The Gasparilla Festival of the Arts is widely considered as one of the country’s top outdoor fine art festivals. The 52nd Annual Event is a massive art event that brings together artists from all over the world to display their wonderful works in one spot. Tampa’s city center has been transformed into an outdoor art museum containing paintings, sculptures, photography, and other works.


When you visit, you’ll be surrounded by artworks in a variety of media, including those that are unique to the current landscape, such as video and light-based art. Consider it a sensory Imaginarium with enough diversity to please everyone.

Tampa Fl Gasparilla Festival of the Arts

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Tampa Bay Margarita Festival

Annual Festival


Every Memorial Day Weekend, the Tampa Bay Margarita Festival is hosted in Tampa Bay. At the adults-only Tampa Bay Margarita Festival, you can sample margaritas and other beverages. Each year, more than 50 classic drinks are sampled, including margaritas.


Each year, the event concludes with a gigantic fireworks display that is sure to delight you, especially if you’ve already had a few margaritas.

Tampa Fl Tampa Bay Margarita Festival

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Tampa Riverfest

Annual Festival


Riverfest is a two-day, free public festival held on the first weekend of May each year. The festival runs the length of the Riverwalk, encompassing numerous parks, and includes family-friendly activities and events that highlight Tampa’s cultural institutions, local performers, and restaurants.


Tampa Riverfest is an annual festival that brings together some of the best features of local culture, such as entertainment and food, directly on the river. Live music is featured during the festival, as are special events such as wiener-dog races. Food is a big part of this festival, with restaurants and chefs from all across the area showing off their greatest dishes.

Tampa Fl Tampa Riverfest

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Sunset Music Festival

Annual Festival


The Sunset Music Event is an annual music festival that features performers from many genres such as techno, electronic, and dance music. Every year, it takes place during a three-day weekend in Tampa, Florida. The production quality has always been a focus here, so you can expect excellent sound when you come.


Unlike other local street festivals, this one requires tickets and sells out rapidly.

Tampa Fl Sunset Music Festival

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Tampa is home to a variety of festivals that are sure to please everyone in the family. These festivals will give you with a cultural experience, delicious food and music, or simply an opportunity to get out and enjoy yourself. Contact us today for all your locksmith needs, so you can be worry-free during these exciting events!

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