Locksmith Tampa Frequently Asked Questions

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The average estimated hourly cost for a locksmith in Tampa can vary. However, you should expect to pay the company an average of $72 an hour that prices their labor and products separately like: Service: $72/hour | Tools: $25/hr | Labor: $35/hr These fees are only estimates and may vary. It is common for customers not to be charged until after the service has been completed.

Yes, a locksmith can and does make all types of keys and key fobs. Sometimes we can duplicate keys or remake a variety of models for you, so you will no longer have to worry about being locked out again. We ate Expert Locksmith can duplicate any keys, from homes to cars with any brands!

Yes, our locksmiths can open locks on a house. We carry all the tools needed to get into any property. A licensed, professional locksmith can open any lock on a residential door. Call us today for immediate assistance!

When you buy a house, it’s always a good idea to change the locks. Even if the previous owners gave you a set of keys, they may still have copies, and you never know who else may have had access to the property. 

It’s important to know the level of security that you’re dealing with. If you’re selecting a standard lock, then it’s not necessary to provide proof. On the other hand, if you require security access, then it is very important to provide proof for backup purposes in case something happens with your documents. It’s also helpful to know your reasons for needing keys made or remade. For example, if someone else has lost their key and needs one right away, I may ask for secondary identification as well as an official document just in case there are any issues verifying their identity. Lastly, I might want to inquire about whether this is strictly information or whether they simply need keys now because they lost them! Knowing these questions ahead of time will help you stick to the facts and avoid any confusion. 

It can be cheaper to rekey locks instead of changing them altogether. When you have a locksmith come out and change your locks, they will most likely charge you for the new locks, the labor, and the removal and disposal of the old locks. When you rekey locks, on the other hand, you only need to pay for the labor, which is significantly cheaper. Additionally, rekeying your locks means that you will have a brand-new key code for your doors, so you don’t have to worry about someone having access to your old keys.