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Difference Between Laser Cut Key and Regular Cut Keys

Laser Cut Key vs Regular Cut Keys

The concept of laser-cut keys might seem like something out of a science-fiction film, but they are real. Laser cut car keys were first developed in the 1990s, particularly by high-end automobile manufacturers, to improve vehicle security against theft. These keys are thicker than normal ones and are carved from the middle with a groove. Because the same laser groove is created on both sides of the key, it may be inserted into the lock facing either direction and still work.


Key blanks for laser cut are thicker than regular key blanks, and because of this, they are heavier as well. Finally, many laser-cut keys feature a remote head rather than a simple plastic cap. A remote head is simply the combination of a vehicle’s remote with the metal part of the key.


On the other hand, a regular cut key has its own distinct cuts on both sides rather than in the middle. Because the regular keys have the same identical cuts on both sides, they can be inserted in either direction to start the car, just like laser-cut keys. One more thing is that all laser-cut keys include a transponder chip, but not all regular keys have a transponder chip embedded in their plastic head.

Do laser cut keys provide higher security than regular keys?

laser cut key

Yes! Laser keys provide an extra blanket of security for the vehicle which makes it much harder to steal. A laser cut key requires a professional locksmith or a dealership to cut therefore a thief cannot easily obtain a copy of your car keys.


On the other side, a typical key may be cut with the most basic cutting machines in the business, which are used to cut simple house keys. Plus, cutting a laser key entails greater precision than cutting a normal key because even minor variations in depth or height might render it invalid. To create a functioning key, you’ll need a computerized high-precision laser key cutting machine.


Laser cut keys are distinctive and unique in their own way. They can only be used to unlock the specific car for which they were made. Unique laser-cut keys cannot be shared between automobiles with similar models and make, so each vehicle owner must have their own set of keys, unlike regular keys in which one key can unlock multiple cars.


This feature is extremely beneficial for car owners as it ensures that their car will not be unlocked by someone else with a regular key. It also prevents unauthorized individuals from being able to start the car. As a result, laser cut keys provide an extra layer of security for car owners.

Which Type of Key Is More Cost-Effective?

laser cut key

The cost of obtaining a laser key made is one of the most often inquired about topics, owing to its high-tech nature. We can infer that, on average, laser cut keys will be more costly than normal keys due to the sophisticated equipment required to create them. Because of the advanced key system, laser cut keys are generally more costly than regular keys.

Additionally, the key blanks for laser cut keys are generally more expensive, adding to the cost. The good news is that while these high security laser keys are often not a cheaper alternative, they are typically not much more expensive. To acquire new or replacement keys for your vehicle, call your local locksmith or dealership for a quick over-the-phone quotation.

Laser Cutting Services for Your Vehicle in Tampa

Expert Locksmith offers laser cutting services for your car, truck, or motorcycle. We can cut and customize any type of lock to fit your specific needs. Car keys that are laser cut need sophisticated equipment to produce, duplicate, and program each key, which most locksmith companies do not have. 

We have the latest in laser cutting technology and can quickly and easily create a new key or security system for your vehicle. We also offer a wide range of other services in Tampa, such as transponder key programming, ignition repair, key duplication, car lockout service and more. Whether you’re looking for a new security system for your vehicle or just need a new key made, our team can help.

laser cut key

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